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GOST 8967-75 Pipe steel connections with cylindrical thread for pipelines P=1,6 МPа. Nipples. Basic dimensions RUSS15617
GOST 11969-79 Fusion welding. Basic positions and their designations RUSS15630
GOST 29273-92 Weldability. Definition RUSS15633
GOST 10605-94 Hexagon nuts with thread diameter over 48 mm. Product grade B. Specifications RUSS15652
GOST 24184-80 flanges on two tension hoops Design and basic dimensions RUSS15658
GOST 28338-89 Nominal bores (nominal sizes) RUSS15684
GOST 27331-87 Fire engineering. Cassification of fires RUSS15719
GOST 27552-87 Mobile cranes. Terms and definitions RUSS15747
GOST 17379-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Elliptical pipe seals. Design and dimensions RUSS15763
GOST 27461-87 Coop batteries for poultry farming coops RUSS15817
GOST 28112-89 Machines for extraction of bottles from the boxes and packing of bottles into the boxes RUSS15827
GOST 28113-89 Hoisting units for completion and workover of oil and gas wells. Types and basic parameters RUSS15828
GOST 13846-89 Gush and injection well equipment. Standard schemes, basic parameters and technical requirements for construction RUSS15864
GOST 17380-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Specifications RUSS15957
GOST 24190-80 Branch pipes. Design RUSS15965
GOST 13130-83 Die blocks RUSS15979
GOST 25106-82 Plain bearing housings one-piece and sectional RUSS15990
GOST 27334-87 Thrusters garage RUSS15995
GOST 17376-2001 Carbon and low-alloy steel butt-welding fittings. Tees. Design RUSS16040
GOST 30331.8-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Applisation of protective measues for safety. Measures of protection against electric shock RUSS16046
GOST 27477-87 Non-return check valves. Basic parameters RUSS16055
GOST 9698-86 Gate valves. Main parameters RUSS16088
GOST 24379.0-80 Foundation bolts. General specification RUSS16099
GOST 22337-77 Centrifugal feed pumps. Basic parameters RUSS16110
GOST 12.2.115-86 Occupational safety standards system. Blowout preventer equipment. Safety requirements RUSS16144
GOST 27442-87 Shoe shaping, molding and lasting equipment RUSS16186
GOST 10407-88 Centrifugal multistage segmental pumps. Types and basic parameters RUSS16257
GOST 23002-87 Unified container transport system. Spreaders for containers series I. General technical requirements RUSS16407
GOST 24824-88 Presses RUSS16418
GOST 27443-87 Skinning machines RUSS16448
GOST 27444-87 Leather rolling machines RUSS16449
GOST 27641-88 Machines for the measuring of the length of textile web RUSS16450
GOST 28251-89 Basic machines. Basic parameters, dimensions and technical requirements RUSS16456
GOST 12.2.085-82 Vessels working under pressure. Safety valves. Safety requirements RUSS16579
GOST 5762-74 Pipeline industrial valves. Gate valves PN £ 250. General specifications RUSS16598
GOST 17376-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Tees. Design and dimensions RUSS16637
GOST 12.2.063-81 Occupational safety standards system. Industrial pipeline valves. General safety requirements RUSS16656
GOST 19677-87 Farm tractors RUSS16707
GOST 27310-87 Potato combines RUSS16753
GOST 26304-84 Industrial pipeline valves supplied RUSS16959
GOST 24379.1-80 Foundation bolts. Structure and dimensions RUSS17052
GOST 24474-80 Marking tools RUSS17156
GOST 29297-92 Welding, brazing, soldering and braze welding of metals RUSS17190
GOST 28215-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Eb and quidance: Bump RUSS17269
GOST 23866-87 Single-seated, double-seated and cellular RUSS17384
GOST 26899-86 Chassis dynamometers for determining of parameters of traction and speed characteristics and fuel efficiency of motor vehicles and wheeled tractors under operating conditions RUSS17405
GOST 28121-89 Akins classifiers RUSS17418
GOST 7371-89 Bicycles for children RUSS17476
GOST 19746-74 Wire made of silver solders RUSS17609
GOST 28203-89 Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Fc and guidance: Vibration ( sinusoidal ) RUSS17776
GOST 16774-78 Copper pipes of rectangular and square section RUSS17818
GOST 13548-77 Thin-walled tubes of nickel and nickel alloys RUSS17959
GOST 13861-89 Pressure regulators for the flame machining RUSS17961
GOST 17440-93 Sniper nose pliers RUSS17968
GOST 17375-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Sharply curved offsets. Design RUSS18059
GOST 21574-88 Electromagnetic multidisc clutches with magnetic flux conducting disks RUSS18146
GOST 24206-80 Gsp pneumatic devices and gears for mathematical operations RUSS18157
GOST 27440-87 Apparatuses for distribution of the refrigerated drinks for the plants of public catering RUSS18174
GOST 30331.3-95 Electrical installations of buildings. Part 4. Protection for safety. Protection against electric shock RUSS18268
GOST 1759.5-87 Nuts. Mechanical properties and test methods RUSS18331
GOST 20900-75 Copper and brass rectangular waveguide tubes RUSS18345
GOST 24869-81 System of standards for industrial purity in machine-tool building and instrumentation industrial purity in machine-tool building and instrumentation RUSS18367
GOST 28343-89 Flanged steel ball valves RUSS18384
GOST 25605-83 Hand operated socket wrenches and drive parts RUSS18515
GOST 17378-83 Seamless welded steel pipeline components for Pn £ 10 MPa (£ 100 kgf/cm2). Reducers. Design and dimensions RUSS18561
GOST Electrothermal equipment RUSS18590
GOST 31.111.42-83 Parts and subunits of modular work tools for metal-cutting machines RUSS18645
GOST 10885-85 Hot-rolled two-ply corrosion-resistant steel sheets RUSS18700
GOST 11383-75 Thin-walled copper and brass tubes RUSS18835
GOST 12.2.120-88 Cabs and operators workplaces of tractors, building-road machines, single-axle prime movers, quarry dump trucks and powered agricultural machines RUSS18837
GOST 25640-83 Foam rubber products for industrial, agricultural and transport mechanical engineering specifications RUSS18866
GOST 10150-88 Marine, diesel locomotive and industrial diesel engines RUSS18998
GOST 17439-72 Adjustable pliers RUSS19032
GOST 21546-88 Hammer dies for die forging RUSS19041
GOST 27714-88 Digging vehicles RUSS19149
GOST 1759.4-87 Bolts, screws and studs. Mechanical properties and test methods RUSS19184
GOST 24201-80 Connective and fastening components of glass pipelines RUSS19297
GOST 27584-88 Electric overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes. General specifications RUSS19413
GOST 27441-87 Gas apparatuses for thermal treatment of food for the plants of public catering classification, general technical requirements and test methods RUSS19567
GOST 11516-94 Hand-held hot-line tools RUSS19589
GOST 24599-87 Rope grab buckets for bulk cargoes RUSS19675
GOST 12586.0-83 Reinforced-concrete vibrohydropressed pressure pipes RUSS19692
GOST 13568-75 Power transmission RUSS19693
GOST 12.2.091-94 Safety requirements for indicating and registering electrical measuring instruments and accessories to them RUSS19718
GOST 6625-85 Mine local ventilating fans RUSS19804
GOST 12586.1-83 Reinforced-concrete hydraulically forged pressure culverts. Design. RUSS19806
GOST 980-80 Flat ring saws for wood sawing RUSS19906
GOST Electrical hand-held tools RUSS20012
GOST 23647-87 Lifting appliances for self-loading vehicles. Types, basic parameters RUSS20090
GOST 14.205-83 Unified system for technological preparation of production. Technological efficiency of design of prodacts. Terms and definitions RUSS20432
GOST 18854-94 Rolling bearings. Static lood ratings RUSS20463
GOST 18855-94 Rolling bearings. Dinamic load ratings and rating life RUSS20464
GOST 2110-93 Horizontal boring machines with compound table. Standarts of accuracy RUSS20485
GOST 24705-2004 Вasic norms of interchangeability. Metric screw thread. Basic dimensions RUSS20506
GOST 24810-81 Rolling bearings. Clearances RUSS20507
GOST 27518-87 Diagnostics of items. General reguirements RUSS20525
GOST 520-2002 Rolling bearings. General specifications RUSS20567
GOST 28213-89 Basic environmental testing prosedures. Part 2. Tests. Test Ea and guidance: Shock RUSS20931
GOST 30631-99 General requirements for machines, instruments and other industrial products as to environment mechanical stability RUSS20940
GOST 3326-86 Stop valves, check lift and swing valves. Overall dimensions RUSS20943

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