GOST 12.4.121-83

ГОСТ 12.4.121-83

Industrial filtering gas-masks

Противогазы промышленные фильтрующие

Status: Not effective - Superseded. Registration information 745-st dated 06/18/2015 (the official website of Rosstandart); (IUS 1-2016)

The standard applies to filtering industrial gas masks, equipped with large-sized boxes and designed to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes of a person from vapor and gaseous impurities and aerosols.

Стандарт распространяется на фильтрующие промышленные противогазы, укомплектованные коробками большого габарита и предназначенные для защиты органов дыхания, лица и глаз человека от паро- и газообразных вредных примесей и аэрозолей.

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Approved: USSR State Committee for Standards, 3/14/1983

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The Product is Contained in the Following Classifiers:

PromExpert » SECTION III. LABOR PROTECTION AND SAFETY » II Industrial sanitation and occupational health » 8 Personal protective equipment » 8.2 Respiratory, hearing protection »

ISO classifier » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.30 Respiratory Protection Devices »

National standards » 13 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HUMAN PROTECTION AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. SECURITY » 13.340 Protective equipment » 13.340.30 Respiratory Protection Devices »

National Standards for KGS (State Standards Classification) » Latest edition » L Chemical products and rubber-asbestos products » L0 General rules and regulations for chemical industry » L07 Safety »

The Document is Replaced With:

GOST 12.4.121-2015: Occupational safety standards system. Respiratory protective devices. Filtering gas мasks. General technical specifications

As a Replacement Of:

GOST 10182-78: Industrial filtering gas-masks. Specification

The Document References:

GOST 11142-78: Plate boxes for personal defense means. Specifications

GOST 12.4.034-2001: Individual respiratory protective devices

GOST 12.4.122-83: Occupational safety standards system. All service canisters for protective masks. Specifications

GOST 12.4.166-85: Helmet face piece for commercial gas masks

GOST 14192-96: Cargo marking

GOST 2991-85: Wooden uncollapsible cases for weights up to 500 kg. General specifications

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GOST 7950-77: Cardboard for bookbinding

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The Document is Referenced By:

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GOST 33345-2015: Polymer composites. Production of plates for preparation of test specimens. General technical requirements

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Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems

MI 2728-2002: State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. The list of regulatory documents on security requirements. The order of their application in the normative documents of the ICE

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SP 41-106-2004: Design and erection of underground hot water supply and heat supply pipelines made of asbestos cement pipes

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TR 130-02: Technical recommendations on the design and ductless laying of hot water pipelines from PE-X pipes insulated with polyurethane foam in Proflex corrugated polyethylene sheath

TR 160-04: Technical Recommendations for the design and channelless installation of intra-block pipelines for hot water supply and heat supply from glass-basalt-plastic pipes and products

TU 2311-042-21743165-2005: Varnish "Yarly" V-PL-1120. Technical conditions

TU 2312-075-21743165-2005: Enamel "YARLI" V-MA-1232. Technical conditions

TU 2513-001-00152081-93: Glues 51-K-10V. Technical specifications

TU 38.401-67-108-92: Gasoline-solvent for the rubber industry. Technical conditions

TU 5284-002-20582582-02: Three-layer metal panels with polyurethane foam insulation for enclosing structures. Technical conditions

TU 5767-012-01297858-00: Thermal insulation "Penoplex 45T" for pipelines with a diameter of 1020-1420 mm

TU 5767-015-01297858-00: Thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene foam "Peno-Plex" for pipelines with a diameter of 426-1420 mm

TU 5768-019-01297858-01: Polyurethane Insulation Shells

TU 6-02-115-91: Copolymer BMK-5

TU 6-14-95-2014: Clay Leukonate

VRD 39-1.10-030-2001: Method for determining the quality of polymer adhesive internal coatings after exposure to corrosive environments by autoclave testing

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